Hi Jacqui,

Per our conversation yesterday, I am not certain what modifications, if any, can be made to the Indian Point/Holtec resolution after it was passed on Wednesday. As far as sending the resolution to more officials than were listed at the bottom of the resolution, as passed, if that can be done, I am forwarding your suggestions below to the Legislative Operations Coordinator, who handles that task, as well as Legislative Counsel and the Legislative Clerk for their review and direction.

I know you were a key person in generating the public interest and getting people to write to the legislators, so now that you are in possession of the copy of the resolution I sent you, you and any member of the public is free to send said copy to any and all public officials you like, along with your thoughts in opposition to the toxic dumping.

Thanks again for your kind words and I am happy I could help in any way. We all want a healthy river!

Pamela A. Sitomer

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Dear Harriet and Pamela,

I did not have this available at the time we – you- were working on the Resolution. It does have the contact at the DOB – Tom Congdon. And for the other people and agencies United for Clean Energy has requested Resolutions be sent to. Please do send to Ellen Weininger of Grass Roots.

Senators Chuck Schumer and Gillibrand are involved and I feel that they as well as Congressman Mike Lawler should receive a copy of the Resolution as well.

We will be asking Sen. Harckham to add in that fines for violations should not be paid from the Decommissioning Trust fund, which is taxpayer funded, but from Holtec International and their shareholders. We will also ask that fines that are collected be used as reparations to be used to improve water quality and for whatever remediation is possible.

I know this Resolution is tied to Sen. Harckham’s bill and hope that whatever changes he makes will be reflected in your Resolution and match his bill.

I honestly cannot thank you enough.
Pam for all of your work and for my bothering you with questions and details.
And Harriet, for your absolutely brilliant opening statement-like a great Chess move! And for rearranging the order of events. The fellow from Food and Water Watch who came couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing!

Pam – feel better and both of you stay well!