This is so serious. 

I think that Biden just lost the 2024 election for himself and other Democrats  by approving this project.  I certainly will not vote for a liar and a hypocrite when it comes to climate change.  

The scope of this project is emense and reverses most of the climate actions taken so far. 

So now it goes to court and work on gravel mining for roads has already started…


“… none of these measures—some of which could be revoked by a future White House administration—have appeased the many groups opposing the project on grounds that it is a “carbon bomb,” reports the Times. Burning the 600 million barrels of oil expected from Willow would generate 280 million tonnes carbon dioxide, or 9.2 million tonnes of carbon pollution annually, “equal to adding nearly two million cars to the roads each year.”

That makes the Willow approval a “major breach of trust,” especially for young voters, Sierra Club president Ben Jealous said. And Biden’s basket of climate-friendly announcements is “nothing more than window dressing.”

“If President Biden were sitting here I’d tell him don’t spit on us and tell us that it’s raining, Mr. President.”

Biden’s decision to move forward with Willow “abandons the millions of young people who overwhelmingly came together to demand he stop the project and protect our futures,” said Varshini Prakash, executive director of the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led climate advocacy group.”