No Dumping Radioactive Waste in the Hudson River!

After decades of grassroots advocacy, New York rightfully closed down the Indian Point nuclear power plant. But now Holtec International, the company in charge of decommissioning the plant, wants to dump the radioactive waste from the plant’s spent fuel into the Hudson River this summer, instead of holding and safely breaking down the toxic waste on site.

The wastewater from Indian Point’s spent fuel contains tritium, among other contaminants. Tritium is highly radioactive. It’s linked to higher rates of cancer, and it threatens our Hudson River ecosystem. We must not sacrifice our public health and environment simply to appease Holtec’s shareholders.

Sign below to tell Governor Hochul and the state legislature to stop Holtec from dumping radioactive waste in our beloved Hudson River!

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Dear Governor Hochul and State Legislators,

Please stop Holtec International from dumping one million gallons of radioactive wastewater from the Indian Point spent fuel pools into the Hudson River. We cannot allow the Hudson River to serve as a dumping ground for nuclear waste. Holtec must keep the spent fuel on site and find an alternative method to safely dispose of the plant’s toxic waste.

In the last 2 months, overwhelming bipartisan opposition that has sprung up (including over 15 New York municipalities formally passing resolutions in opposition to dumping radioactive waste in the Hudson River, countless elected officials condemning the plan, and nearly half a million people speaking out against Holtec). While Holtec has moved the proposed date for dumping its waste back to August (from May), we still need swift action to prevent it.

I urge you to do the right thing and prevent Holtec from dumping this toxic, radioactive waste in the Hudson. Please publicly oppose this dumping and do everything in your power to ensure Holtec keeps the waste on site until other safer options for disposal have been explored.

In addition, please do everything in your power to make sure Senator Peter Harckham and Assemblymember Dana Levenberg’s Stop Holtec bill (S5181/A5338) gets signed into law before May 4! We must protect and restore our Hudson River.


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