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Another Co. Exec. statement by Ed Day. Even better with links to agencies!

Rockland Says No To Radioactive Waste In The Hudson River

Residents of Rockland I am calling on you to exercise your voice and concern surrounding a plan to dump 1 million gallons of toxic waste into the Hudson River in May.

Holtec, the company behind the outrageous behavior, expedited the plan to Spring which was initially scheduled for August.

Despite pending New York State legislation to ban the discharging of radioactive waste in the Hudson River, a petition with over 400,000 signatures, and multiple municipalities including the County of Rockland signing resolutions objecting to the plan, Holtec is choosing to clearly ignore everyone in elected office and taxpayers of the Hudson Valley who share this river.

In fact, all Hudson Valley County Executives were planning a joint-press conference in opposition to this at the end of April well ahead of the initial scheduled dumping in August, which has now been moved up a week in hopes of bringing more attention to this unconscionable and unfathomable snub by this company to the unanimous opposition against this.

What’s even worse is they’re justifying the irresponsible move by claiming the alternative would be layoffs, putting their bottom line above all else including our health and environment. How dare they threaten us and hold their own workers hostage.

This outrageous behavior seems to standard operating procedure for Holtec as we now find out that, in the face of stern letters and threats of criminal fines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they are also looking to dump 1.1 million gallons of contaminated wastewater from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant into Cape Cod Bay. If Holtec is willing to risk an entire fishing industry clearly, they will not blink an eye at dumping radioactive waste into our Hudson River.

How can this be allowed to happen without any repercussions? How ineffective is the EPA, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and our elected officials, that we can’t stop Holtec from dumping radioactive waste linked to cancer into our waterways?

I urge my fellow elected officials from local, state, and federal levels to stand united and intercede to stop this from happening. I also urge our taxpaying public to let these agencies know how you feel:

NYS DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos

625 Broadway

Albany, NY 12233-1011

Phone 518-402-8545

To email use the following link

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair Christopher T. Hanson

Tel: 301-415-0566


Michael S. Regan, Administrator United States Environment Protection Agency

Phone: (202) 564-4700

Email: Regan.Michael@epa.go