We need YOU!

Community Rally April 27th @ 4:30 pm in front of Cortlandt Town Hall, One Heady Street, Cortlandt Manor.  We need boots on the ground!!!

In response to widespread vocal opposition, Holtec’s plan to dump radioactive isotopes into the River has been postponed but not stopped. 

They still maintain their legal right to do so and are now planning to dump the water from the fuel pool sometime in August.  The fight goes on.

The Rally on April 27 is to convince the Governor, who is a key decision maker, to intervene. There will also be a call to protect the children who are going into a building very close to the actual deconstruction from radioactive dust.

Protect the Children. 

Protect the River.

I really hope that you can make it. Please help amplify this date on Social media and to any list you might have. We need to show the Governor and other politicians that a LOT of people care and will vote accordingly. Come with friends and bring signs and noise makers as you can. 

There will be music, chanting and bureaucrats to impress.  We want Governor Hochul to hear us in Albany! It is time we all got together again for some real in person activism.

In Solidarity,

Marilyn Elie

Indian Point Project