While the NYT will not be publishing many letters to the editor,

I do think that they monitor the volume. It is worth a try to submit as many comments as possible.


Letter to the editor NYT

Re: your pro nuclear editorial today

Your stance on nuclear power has been obvious for years. The writer has no credentials and she is just plain wrong in her facts and conclusions. And now she has your endorsement to back up her lies. This is just poor journalism.

She is the same woman who was part of the Sierra Club “debate” with David Kraft of NEIS not too long ago. She is the one who cuddled up to a fuel rod assembly.  

There were two pro nuclear presenters at this event.  David Kraft completely demolished them both. He was accurate, concise and had great visuals.  Here is the video. David goes last.

Here is the link to the Amory Lovins video that he did in Eugene, Oregon that demolishes all of the superficial nonsense, economic and otherwise that the NYT is now waving about and promoting. 

It is past time that you published a nuclear piece by a real expert. Try Lovins or Kraft for some accurate information and clear thinking on nuclear power.