Protestors raised their voices and their concerns Saturday about Holtec International’s plans to dump millions of gallons of radioactive wastewater into the Hudson River.

The company is in charge of decommissioning the now-closed Indian Point nuclear power plant. Holtec International says it has pushed back the date of the radioactive water dumping to allow more time to address the public’s concerns.

The plan to dump that water into the river, however, received plenty of pushback from the demonstrators in kayaks on the Hudson.

The “Rally to Save the River” event drew crowds to the Town of Cortlandt to demand a safer method of the wastewater disposal.

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“There are multiple alternatives to discharging it in the river. Keep it onsite and letting it decay naturally over a decade would be a great way of doing it. There are ideas of shipping it in tanker ships in the middle of the ocean and letting it dissolve and be discharged safely away from humanity is another way of doing it. And other communities have actually injected it deep into the ground, well below the aquifers and store it there,” said Town of Cortlandt Supervisor Dr. Richard Becker.

Holtec International’s plan to dump the wastewater is now scheduled for August. Protestors are calling for a one- year moratorium on that plan.

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