Greetings to all Anti Nuclear Friends

The Rally on 4/27 at Cortlandt was so energizing!  Protect the Kids, Protect the River, call Governor Hochul was the mantra.  People called her from the Rally so she had something to listen to on Monday when she arrived at work. If you have not called her yet, or even if you have, call now and leave a message.  

We have been using the Food and Water Watch number in order to track the numbers: 866-696-8249.

If you have a problem call directly:


If this email is useful click on the link and amplify this message in any way possible!

The video by Tim Deere-Jones on the release of tritiated water is included here. If you have not seen it, watch the first part at least.  If you have seen it, watch again and send his information on to your elected officials. 

His information on Organically  Bound Tritium is chilling. Decision makers must be made to understand that the regulations in place do not protect us. Share the information now. We must move to a medical model.

Marilyn Elie


More information for those who plan ahead and get more involved

To do list. Pick one.

  1. Join a phonebank to push forward the Save the Hudson bill! This is calling other FWW activists and constituents to patch through to key legislator offices.
  1. Come to the lobby day on 5/16 to move key Assembly members to move the Save the Hudson bill forward.  Watch for Details.
  1. Join FWW meeting for next steps to get the Save the Hudson bill to Hochul’s desk and continue to organizing to delay and ultimately stop Holtec.

    4. Join the standing organizing           meeting every Monday at 2 PM. Contact  

Santosh Nandabalan to get connected. 

Just for fun:

Yes, this email is way too long.  Many thanks for sticking with me to the end!