Stop Holtec! “Buchanan, NY: Pack the Room – Thurs. 4:45. Decommissioning Oversight Board meeting.⁶⁶ferring_vol=4615800&rname=Marilyn&share_context=signup-form-modal&share_medium=mailto&timeslot=3941709

CHANGE OF VENUE – this meeting is in Buchanan, not Cortlandt. Come early to pack the house!

DATE: Thursday, June 15, 2023 

TIME: 6:00 p.m. 

LOCATION: Buchanan Village Hall 236 Tate Avenue Buchanan, NY 10511 

David Lochbaum will present his latest paper on tritiated water.  discharges.  We are prepared with questions which our allies will ask. Register to attend at the web site above.

Important to keep the pressure on and let the DOB know we are not going away. 

Even though Senator Harkham’s bill to stop the dumping did not pass, we still have one more chance. The State legislature will be meeting for an additional day before the end of the month. We need a full court press on Speaker Hastie to bring 1 bill to the floor and pressure on the Governor to sign it.  

Keep calling them both!

Hope to see you in Buchanan.