Albany comes to Ossining my friends.

In short: Our Assemblywoman (and former Town Supervisor) Dana Levenberg sponsored a bill (which is sponsored by our Senator Harckham in the Senate) that would end the plan of Indian Point’s decommissioning owner, Holtec, from dumping almost 2 million gallons of radiated wastewater into the Hudson River as early as August.

While the state legislative session to pass bills just technically ended, this bill passed the Senate UNANIMOUSLY.  And although it made great strides in the Assembly, it did not pass. However, the Assembly called a special session to convene next week and this bill has the opportunity to make it to the Governor’s desk.

Holtec will have its workers outside of Dana Levenberg’s Ossining office protesting the bill on Friday at 9am. Hudson River advocates, and communities that live on/near the River need to come out and show that this bill is important.  And so a rally is being formed by friends at Food & Water Watch. All you need to do is show up. You don’t have to say anything. You don’t need to bring a sign. We just need folks standing together in solidarity.  (there will likely be signs there for you to hold should you desire).

Can you show-up?  Do you know anyone else that might be interested?  Please invite/tell others.   We are not only supporting our Assemblywoman, but we are also supporting efforts to save the Hudson and other rivers in NY from being viewed as a dump.

Sign up here if possible so that they have a head count. Address information included within it as well.

I HATE to miss this as I have been lobbying this bill since it came out, but I have family matters that morning that I can’t change.

Go you!