The DOB meeting was right out of Energy’s play book from years ago.  Workers were bussed in and given a buffet dinner.  The outside door was locked and we could not go in to the meeting room. When a protest was raised that some people were already inside we were told that was different – it was a private meeting.  Holtec employees went in and took up the majority  of seats leaving our people standing. 

Congratulations to those who stuck it out.  The signs they were holding were effective and remarked on by Tom Congdon who chaired the meeting.  Susan and Ellen were particularly good at  changing their signs as false information was stated.

There were no public comments at this meeting only reports from David Lochbaum NRC and others.  There will be a special meeting for public  comment in July. The transcript and video of the meeting will be posted on the DOB website.

Are you on the DOB list serv?  If not please go to their website and try to sign up. Let me know if you are successful.  I need to know if the sign up has been improved.

In Solidarity,

Marilyn Elie

2023 Rally to Support Levenberg

2023 DOB Meeting in Verplanck