“Absent of the proposed New York law, the current authority and responsibility to regulate the effluent from these activities is split between two federal agencies, with the NRC regulating radioactive materials under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulating pollutants under the Clean Water Act.”

One big reason this bill passed was because of the public  pressure on Speaker of the House Heastie He got over 200 phone calls yesterday!  

It will take the same kind of pressure for Hochul to sign this bill and make it law. Her silence has been deafening so far.  

If you have called her in the past, thank you.  Time now for one more call.  If you have not yet called her, the time to make your call is NOW!

Call the Governor at 

(877) 235-6537

Put her on speed dial while you are at it…

More to come on this.  Stay tuned.