Brian Lehrer show today:

Thank you John Sullivan for the alert and for calling in. Yours was a voice of reason.

Brian is a NYC institution but when it comes to electricity in general and Indian Point in particular he has not done his homework and is operating on  common misconceptions.  This is not the first time. The NYT reporter was equally shallow.  

After you listen to the 19 minute segment, PLEASE do send a note to Brian and send him some accurate information.

I did not find a direct contact for Brian.  If someone else does, please post.  The website says he is also on FB and Twitter. Maybe that is a better way to contact him.

For starters:

1. Cuomo did not close Indian Point because of opposition to the reactors as Brian stated. He had no authority to do so.  Indian Point is private property.  It closed because the owner of the property wanted to sell it.  Yes, they may have been influenced by protests and pending litigation but basically they wanted to sell it because it was not making enough money.  That is what is in their annual report and what they told their stock holders.

2.  You do not have to produce “replacement”  energy in the same amount as that generated by a facility that is closing.  Think about efficiency, demand response, improved transmission and more. Indian Point 2 closed in 2012 and no one even noticed. Reducing usage is one of our most powerful tools.

3. Unlike what Brian said,  Indian Point 3 contributed very little to the NYC/Westchester grid. Gas usage has gone up on a statewide basis by some accounts. This is not cause and effect. Indian Point had already been replaced in the market by cheaper electricity prior to its closing.  There is absolutely nothing to prove that closing Indian Point resulted in increased gas usage. The market fluctuates. Related but not relevant. More ice cream is eaten in the summer.  The number of murders go up in the summer.  Eating more ice cream does not cause more murders.  Again, related stats perhaps but not relevant. 

3. The regulations in regard to tritium are from the 70’s and there has been a lot of recent research that contradicts earlier 50 year old findings.  Many forums have been held over the last two years detailing this new information. They are available at

Search for Indian Point.

Write those letters with your own stories, information and stats!

To contact Brian Lehrer it seems you have to go through  

He is also on FB and Twitter according to the website. Maybe that is a better way to contact him.