Local Vigil at Main and Mamaroneck, Renaissance Fountain.  3 PM to 4 PM.  Thank you Vitalah for organizing this for those of us who can’t make it in to the City.

From: dunleamark@aol.com‘ via NYC Grassroots Alliance

Momentum is building for Sunday’s September 17 End Fossil Fuel march and rally in NYC which starts at 1 PM at 56th and Broadway. http://www.endfossilfuels.us

There has been a Wave of Actions leading up to Sunday. Below are my 10 minute audio segments of three of the protests, which appear on mediasanctuary.org, which has 4 community radio stations in the Capital District of NY.

I also post them on Putting Out the Planetary Fire podcast on spotify.

Nearly a hundred climate activists rallied at the Museum Of Modern Art in NYC on September 15 to call for the removal of board chair Marie-Josée Kravis because of her and her husband’s Henry Kravis’s ties to the fossil fuel industry. The protest comes before the major September 17 march to End Fossil Fuels in NYC prior to the UN climate summit. Henry Kravis, whose net worth is around $7.8bn, is co-founder and co-chief executive of KKR, one of the world’s five largest private equity firms. It is heavily invested in fossil fuels in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. KKR is behind the Coastal GasLink Pipeline being built through Wet’suwet’en territory in Canada. We start off by hearing from some of the Hereditary chiefs from Canada. We later hear among others from Roni Zahavi-Brunner of Planet over Profits and Michael Kink of Strong Economy for all. We then here again from Roni after several dozen activists occupied and shut down MOMA. Eventually 16 protestors were arrested. By Mark Dunlea

Two podcasts from Thursday

Two dozen climate protestors were arrested on Thursday morning after hundreds of activists shut down the headquarters of Citibank, which has provided $333 billion in funding to fossil fuel projects since the Paris climate agreement took effect. We start off with several minutes of the sounds from the protests, followed by comments by protestors Ted Glick, Laura Wolfson, Eco of the Green Worker Alliance, and an activist who traveled to Phoenix for the protest. Climate activists are organizing a wave of protests around the September 17 climate march and rally in NYC around the upcoming climate summit at the United Nations. With Mark Dunlea for Hudson Mohawk Magazine.

Fifteen years after American International Group Inc. (AIG) nearly failed due to reckless financial practices, forcing the federal government to respond with a $182 billion bailout, climate protesters on September 14 rallied at the company’s headquarters in Manhattan to call on them end its risky underwriting and investments in fossil fuels. We hear first from speakers at the rally, including Rick Morris Public Citizen’s Climate Program followed by Alice Nascimento of NY Community for Change, and Bekah Hinojosa of South Texas Environmental Justice Network. We then have interviews with Jonathon Westin of the Climate Organizing Hub and then Rick again. The event was part of the Wave of Action leading up to the September 17 march in NYC to End Fossil Fuels