Victory Party!  Celebrate our win in getting Governor  Hochul to sign the bill prohibiting dumping. Tuesday,  September 26,  6 to 7 PM Peekskill Brewery.  Contact  Santosh Nandabalan <> so that he knows how many to expect.

Stop Holtec

Food an Water Watch organizer Santosh was just excellent in keeping the pressure on Hochul to sign the bill proposed by Harckham and Levenberg.   Quite a victory.

There was  Stop Holtec meeting once a week for months. It is now every other week on Monday at 2 PM. All are welcome. We still have be sure we are seen and noticed but no demonstrations or show of power yet.  People had signs at the last DOB meeting. It is so important to keep this issue in public awareness.

Now that  the bill is law we are waiting to see what Holtec will do.  They are claiming they still have the right to dump under NRC regs, but have not put anything in writing.  They are required to give 12 days notice before dumping.  

I think the underlying dynamic here is that Holtec would like to get more state contracts.  That seems to require a certain amount of cooperation from local officials.  Which they would most certainly not have if they dumped.

It seems that there is a workaround to Teresa Knickerbocker’s absolute ban on storing tritiated waster on site.  Storing them inside one of the buildings left on site, for example.

Arnie Gundersen and Gordon Edwards agree on tanks but with significantly different  details.  A video interview with Arnie will be released shortly.

The Coalition group has been meeting, looking at the public comments for the meeting. It is a robust group of really smart people who watch everything the NRC and Holtec does.  Tina Bongar is the chief organizer for this group and is just excellent. 

More on the DOB later.

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Wednesday, September 27, 10:00am to 10:55am

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Gordon Edwards and Arjun Markijani are two world renowned nuclear experts.  Having them on together will be very illuminating.

Gordon is  great story teller and knows how to put things in perspective. 

Watch for Night with the Experts.  David Kraft of NIRS organizes this program the last  last Thursday of every month, 8 PM, EST. This program will deal with a very encouraging ruling from a Texas Appeals Court that might put an end to Centralized Interium Storage, at least in the Texas/New Mexico area.

September 17 March to End Fossil Fuels, Debrief

Organizers reported 75,000 in attendance.  Many of those who attended were energized and hopeful that this could make a difference.  Others not so much.

It was a very diverse and young crowd.  

Front line warriors led off the March and many stayed for the additional actions the week after the March.  People were arrested at Chase Bank, a big funder of fossil fuel projects, and Wall Street.  

Biden was not part of the Monday Climate Program.  He was invited but was told he could not speak because our country has not made enough progress is stopping climate change. Press before the event was really lacking.  There was quite a bit of coverage after the event, but I saw very little on nightly news.

The entire brunt of the demonstration was to put pressure on Biden to declare a climate emergency.  We will see. And in the meantime keep on keeping on…

Some PRESS Coverage