Dear Colleagues

Please sign your organization on by Nov 17th 2023 to this letter to get the PRICE ANDERSON ACT renewal out of the National Defense Authorization Act

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Link to the sign-on page Sign -Price Anderson/ S.1111 out of NDAA (

The Price Anderson Act (limited liability and exemption for liability for nuclear power and weapons companies) expires in 2025.

A 20-year renewal was amended to the Senate version of the ‘must-pass’ National Defense Authorization Act NDAA as part of a larger amendment, The Advance Act S.1111 (NIRS Alert on S 1111 is here:

It is suspected that the whole NDAA could come up for passage in late Nov/December this year.

The fate of the Price Anderson Act provision and the whole S.1111 will be decided in the NDAA conference so the letter will go to the house and senate leadership, committee leaders and ranking and to the conference committee members

Any questions please contact Diane D’Arrigo, NIRS, mobile 202 841-8588


Diane D’Arrigo


202 841 8588