Edwards: Nuclear Power on the Battleground (Ukraine) [slide show]

Friends and Colleagues – Here is a link to my slide show from this morning’s webinar “Nuclear Power on the Battleground (Ukraine)” . This morning there was a zoom discussion/webinar on the Russian capture and occupation of two nuclear power plants in Ukraine:the Chornobyl NPP near the border with Belarus, and the Zaporizhzhia NPP on...

Slides from David Lochbaum

The annual reports, and related info, for Indian Point is available online at: On the left-hand side of that webpage, oen can go to the webpages of the annual reports for other nuclear plants. Thanks,Dave

Written Comments to NRC

The NRC got an earful of knowledgable concerns and comments last Thursday. About 50 people attended and the tone was different from any meeting in the past, certainly more civil. It was calm without the presence of union members or the usual pro nuclear contingent. The meeting was transcribed and will be posted on line....

NYS PSC et al Joint Proposal re: Indian Point License Transfer from Entergy to Holtec Attachments


If the links are not working maybe you can open the pdf.  Cortlandt and Buchanan were at the table for these negotiations that started back in March.  All parties signed a confidentiality agreement. Marilyn
NY AG files lawsuit to support complete removal of Indian Point nuclear power facility

NY AG files lawsuit to support complete removal of Indian Point nuclear power facility

Indian Point Energy Center, Buchanan, NY (photo: Entergy Nuclear) NEW YORK (WWTI) — A lawsuit was filed on Friday in regards to the complete dismantling of Indian Point. On behalf of New York State, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit on Friday against the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission over the decommissioning of the Indian...

Letter about Creating a Decommissioning Oversight Board for NY Nuclear Plants

Here’s what was sent to every member of the NY State Senate and Assembly. Identical to each group except for the greeting.
New York Must Better Plan Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants; A Bill Awaiting Passage in Albany Does Just That

New York Must Better Plan Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants; A Bill Awaiting Passage in Albany Does Just That

Indian Point nuclear power plant (photo: governor’s office) The 2020 session of the New York State Legislature has been another one for the record books, passing landmark legislation to address climate change, pandemic relief, and police reform. It’s a remarkable set of achievements, but the work of this legislative session isn’t complete yet, because there’s another...

Blessed warnings!

Hi Friends,In addition to the horrendous racism inherent in the CIS proposal, how can anyone seriously consider shipping the damaged SNF canisters from San Onofre and SNF canisters from other national reactor sites for long distances after looking at the following three items? (Apologies if you’ve already seen these.) 1) Check out this recent video...
Indian Point Control Room at Shutdown

Indian Point Control Room at Shutdown

NRC Resident Inspector Justin Vazquez (left) is in the Indian Point 2 control room – safely — verifying the operators followed procedures while they stopped the nuclear chain reaction for the final time. Photo courtesy of Entergy.

NRC and Holtec provide Indian Point preview from California

Thank you Donna and Paul for a glimpse of what lies ahead in decommissioning Indian Point if Holtec gets the job.   You and Paul have provided an accurate picture of inferior Holtec canisters, their indifference to safety, lack of transparency and their laser focus on quick and dirty work in order to maximize profit at...
Citizens Oversight Board

Citizens Oversight Board

BUCHANAN – The closure of the Indian Point plant is scheduled to begin next year,  and members of the community say they are already thinking of the safest ways that officials should proceed. They tell News 12 that they’d like to see the state implement a citizens oversight board to act as a watchdog for...