Nuclear power is neither clean nor green!  Conservation and renewable energy sources hold the key to a sustainable future for the Hudson Valley Region.

We are now working on how best to decommission the three reactors at Indian Point. This includes planning for a Citizens Oversight Board, for Rolling Stewardship, which would keep highly radioactive fuel rods in dry cask storage and isolated from the environment, and for Hardened On Site Storage.

The Indian Point Convergence meets monthly, generally on the first Sunday of the month. Check the calendar or call for details.  We meet at Stony Point Conference Center, 17 Cricketown Road, Stony Point, New York.  at 1:15 PM

 We welcome visitors.  Contact us at:
1-888-I-SHUT-IT (1-888-474-8848)

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1-888-I-SHUT-IT (1-888-474-8848)
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