Are the spent fuel pools safely contained?

High Level Radioative Waste (Spent Fuel)

The State of New York DEC reports: “The pools of spent fuel at Indian Point, which store significant volumes of radioactive material, far more than inside the active nuclear reactors have no containment structure. However implausible it may be that this radioactive waste is exposed and unsecured, that is the case at Indian Point. It is also vulnerable to attack.
“We are aware of previous and ongoing leaks from spent fuel pools”  Click to read the DEC report

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The Spent Fuel Pools at Indian Point: A View from the Neighborhood by Marilyn Elie, IPSEC

“The arbitrary refusal of the NRC to deal with waste storage is similar in manner to the refusal to include emergency evacuation or new earthquake data in the relicensing hearings.  Citing “the back fit rule” the agency automatically barred from contentions these two issues of great community concern because they were decided at the time the original license was granted!”