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Nita Lowey Is Introducing 3 Bills Related to IP Closure

Nita Lowey Is Introducing 3 Bills Related to IP Closure

Congressperson Nita Lowey has three bills to help the area when Indian Point closes. While we might not agree with all three, we certainly appreciate her attention to a very important issue in her district. The Examiner News has this article about her recent visit. “The Redistribution of Fines to Our Communities Act would redistribute...

Astorino Drops Indian Point Lawsuit

Stating that he decided to drop the lawsuit because he would be leaving office, Westchester County Executive Astorino has had County Attorney Philip Halpern file papers dropping two lawsuits regarding Indian Point closing. Read the story here.

A Blizzard of Danger: The Storm and Indian Point

Roads, bridges and trains were closed immediately as the snow fell. Yet, what of Indian Point? We need to call our elected officials and tell them to order and orderly shut down of Indian Point during EVERY storm WHEN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IS SUSPENDED. Tell them to conduct any orderly shutdown all of NY nuclear power...

Entergy To Close Two Nuclear Power Plants

Thrilling news has come through in recent weeks as Entergy, which runs Indian Point among several other nuclear power plants, announced it will shutter their Fitzpatrick nuclear facility in upstate New York and Pilgrim in Massachusetts. “Entergy Corp. will close the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in New York in late 2016 or early 2017,...